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Our Story

Conveniently located on Aiton Road just two minutes from the centre of town, the Sussex Select Community Funeral Home offers easy access and plenty of parking. Our adaptable, modern building provides space for three parlours and an in-house 160 seat Chapel in a dignified but comfortable setting.

Originally opened as the Sussex Valley Funeral Home by funeral director Jim Makepeace, the Sussex Select Community Funeral home took on a new name and new management in January 1999 when Mr. Makepeace sold the firm. A partnership of Brenan's Funeral Homes in Saint John and Mitchell and George Long of Sussex proved a successful combination and, with the support of the community, the business began to grow.

Operated as a stand-alone location by the Long's and a dedicated support staff for the next decade, the company took the next step in it's evolution when Armstrong's Funeral Home in Petitcodiac became available for purchase in 2008. The growth opportunity for the business also opened a door for another funeral director and partner, and enabled Salisbury native Terry Rogers, and his family, to return home from Nova Scotia where Terry had been pursuing his funeral service career for several years.

In the spring of 2011 Mitchell Long chose a new career path and left the business, turning over management responsibility for both locations to Terry. After five years overseeing both Armstrong's and Sussex, in 2016 Terry made the decision to focus his efforts on serving the Sussex community and sold the Armstrong location to another respected local funeral director who he knew could well serve the needs of Petitcodiac.